Shinsei Chemical Company Ltd. (

is a specialized manufacturer in fine chemicals for laboratory use.

SChem's custom synthesis is optimal for laboratory scale of
SChem's advantages

We have synthesized and isolated more than 50,000 organic chemicals making the most of our original expertise and techniques.

Special compounds on our web site are selected from our recent decades' synthesis, which do not conflict with our customer's non-disclosure agreements.

Majority of these chemicals are highly specialized and available only from us.

You can specify the product number and get information of your compounds using the "Compound search" window at the bottom of this page.

CAS RN, molecular formula, compound name can be used as keywords.

We specialize in the custom synthesis of rare organic compounds for laboratory-use applications, and almost any organic compounds upto several hundred milligrams scale can be handled. We can handle organic compounds of any structure not on the list,
so please feel free to contact us for custom synthesis using the special Inquiry Form.

SChem's special purpose compounds picked up.

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