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Shinsei-Chem's proprietary list of Compounds

We provide versatile intermediates and useful building blocks obtained in the course of custom synthesis and our R&D products.
  • Only the final products and synthetic intermediates that we have obtained permission from our customers to disclose their structures are listed on our website. More than 2,000 compounds that have been synthesized through our R&Ds are also listed.
  • We are currently focusing most of our efforts on in-house development of polyethylene glycol(PEG,PEO) cyclodextrin derivatives(Japanese page) , and Fluorescent labeling compounds(Japanese page)
    All the list compounds have already been successfully synthesized and their analytical conditions have already been established, so they can be delivered at a much lower cost and in a shorter time than custom-made products.
  • All compounds in the list are synthesized in our lab, but some commercial products are also included in this list for the purpose of guiding to our original compounds.
    If the same structure is commercially available and you want less expensive one, do not hesitate to select the commercial product.
    However, we may be able to help you if you have special circumstances, such as a problem with the quality problems, or if you need similar structures with slightly different substitutents.
    Please contact us for more information.
  • Many of the non-stocked compounds are stocked with precursors or intermediates of the target product.
    In most cases, we can synthesize the target compound in about several weeks from their precursor. Please feel free to contact us for compounds that are not fully stocked.
  • We will respond flexibly if you are in a special hurry.
  • Even if the structure needed itself is not on the list, it might be possible to accommodate it at the same price range as the listed item.
    Since we specialize in "custom synthesis", we can handle any organic compound with a few exceptions.
    Please contact us using the Inquiry Form.
The listed compounds are not our so-called "products".
  • All our compounds are for "Laboratory Use" only.
  • They are custom syntheseis products for which we have already established the synthesis and purification methods.
  • We hope you will take this as an appeal that we have experience in synthesizing such compounds as listed, and we will be happy to respond to your inquiries of compounds which is not exactly same as shown in the list.
  • The inquiry procedure is the same as for custom synthesis.
    3.Order contact
    4.Start synthesis
    5.Synthesis completion, COA report
    6.Your approval
    8.Payment confirmation
  • For in-stock items, procedure 4. will be skipped.
  • We divide the product into smaller portions each time we receive your inquire, so we can accommodate your requested scale.
  • Price and stock information is updated on our website every few days, but for exact prices and delivery dates, please contact us from each compound's page or by using the Inquiry Form.
Price and delivery time for each compound: Please contact us using the special Inquiry Form.
  • Please search for your required compound using the Search button at the top and bottom in this page.
    Enter keywords such as compound name, CAS, etc. and thenbutton. 検索方法の詳細はこちらまで。
    Clicking on the SCHEM number of the listed compound will display a detailed screen.
  • Even if you cannot find the exact structure you are looking for in the search, please feel free to contact us via
    the Inquiry Form.
    We will respond it as a custum made synthesis, but we may offer a discount price if the compound is likely to be in demand for general uses.
  • We will get back to you with the price and delivery date. In-stock items can be shipped within a few days.
    Prices may be revised after receiving your inquiry. Please understand this in advance.
The listed price includes the cost of purity analysis of the delivered lot, subdivision. Shipping costs are not included. It varies largely depending on the destination country.
  • We analyze stored products by selecting conditions we consider appropriate from among GC, HPLC, GC/MS, LC/MS, TLC, and other analysis methods, and submit the results as COA.
  • The cost of preparing COA is included in the listed price, but if special conditions or by other analytical methods is performed accordance with the customer's request, the cost of each analysis will be added to the price. Please note that sample consumed for special analysis are also subject to additional costs.
    If the sample is recoverable after analysis, we will consider re-purification, but the cost of recovery and purification will be added.
    ELSD detector is used to measure the purity of compounds which have no UV absorption. 
    We will select GC-MS as the analysis method for compounds with volatile components that do not absorb UV or are easily hydrolyzed.
  • NMR and other specified analysis methods are also available at an additional cost.
    1 to 5 mg are required for 1H-NMR and 10mg for 13C-NMR. Samples required for analysis will be charged additionally.
We analyze the purity of the submitted lot immediately prior to delivery before shipping.
  • The purity of our compounds is converted by the chromatogram area ratio. It does not indicate purity or content in a strict definition.
    For compounds whose purity is difficult to be confirmed by LC/MS or HPLC analysis, GC/MS, derivatization, or other methods are possible. Please let us consult with you individually on how to verify the purity of these compounds.
In-stock items will be shipped in 1-3 days after confirming purity. For additional synthesis, the delivery time is 2-8 weeks. Consult with us individually.
  • Only compounds that have successfully been synthesized at least once are listed on this website but in some cases, the result might be difficult to reproduce.
    In such cases, please let us to discuss about the quantity, purity, and the due date.
We specialize in small-scale synthesis and our upper limit is 10 to 20 times the amount shown in each compound details page.

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