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Compound Search guide

Information on how to search for our compounds

You can search by our catalog number(SCHEM No.), CAS RN, MDL, compound name (+ alias), SMILES, InChi string, molecular formula, and category name.
・Please select "and" search or "or" search.
・Check the items, enter keywords separated by a space in the keywords field, and click button to run the search.
・If there are too many hits, you can set negative matches to exclude.
・Click on the SCHEM No. to display the detailed page for the compound.
・If you would like to make an inquiry, please use the Inquiry Form on each compound's detail page.
・If the name checkbox is checked, compounds, aliases, Smiles, and InChI Stringwill be searched.
・If CAS/MDL is checked, CAS RN and MDL numbers will be searched.

Category names are defined by a combination of two-digit numbers and alphabets for functional groups, basic frames, and other structural features, and each compound is assigned a unique number.

Typical category names and corresponding category names are shown below.

alcohol:-OH(exclusion:saccharides,nucleic acids,cyclodextrin): @01
 alcohol primary:-CH2-OH: @01p
 alcohol secondary:-CHR-OH: @01s
 alcohol tertially:-CHRR'-OH: @01t
 phenol: @01a

amine:-NRR'(exclusion:alpha,beta amino acid): @02
 amine primary:-NH2@02p
 amine secondary:-NHR: @02s
 amine tertially:-NRR': @02t
 amine quaternary:-N+RR'R'': @02q
 amine aromatic:Ph-NRR': @02a
 desmethylamine(natural product:substitute H for methyl in tertiary amines): @02d

carboxylic acid(activated ester, amide, alpha/beta amino acids are excluded from this category): @03

amino acid: @21
 alpha-amino acid: @21a
 beta-amino acid: @21b
 alpha-hydroxy-amino acid: @21h
 peptide: @21p

Sulfur containing compounds: @13
 thiol:-SH: @13h
 disulfide:-SS-: @13d
 thioether:-S-: @13e
 sulfoxide,sulfone:-SO-,-SO2-: @13h
 sulfate,sulfonate:-OSO3H,-SO3H: @13s
nitro, nitroso:-NO2,-NO: @12
ketone:-CO-: @15
 ketone alpha,beta-unsaturated: @15u
aldehyde:-CHO: @14
silane(exclusion:derived from protecting group):@51

stable isotope: @35
monomer: @36
sugar(exclusion:nucleic acid,cyclodextrin): 23

protected: @31
 partially-protected: @31p
activated: @30
 NHS(N-hydroxysuccinimide): @30s

branch: @45
 glycerol: @45g

cyclic: @41

 polyethylene glycol(PEG,PEO):@90e

cyclodextrin: @50
 beta-cyclodextrin: @50b
 alpha-cyclodextrin: @50a
 gamma-cyclodextrin: @50g

Pillar-arene: @82

dye: @33
 Fluorescent: @33f
  Rhodamine based: @33fr
  Cyanine based: @33fc
   Cy3 series: @33fci3
   Cy5 series: @33fci5
   Cy7 series: @33fci7
  BODIPY based: @33fb

multifunctional : @49
 bifunctional: @49b
・Mainly applied to dyes and fluorescent dyes.PEG derivatives, cyclodextrins, sugars, amino acids, and structures that do not utilize two functional groups are excluded.

Photoreactive: @32
liquid crystal: @80
dental material: @81
halotag/halolinker: @39

Example: Search for poly(ethylene glycol) derivatives containing azides and amines:
Check "and" and "Category" in the search form.
In the search form, check "and" and "Category" and enter @90 @02 @09 (separated by single-byte space) as keywords, then click the SEARCH button.
If you want to exclude aromatic amines, hydrazine, and tertiary amines, enter @02a @02h @02t
in Negative matches field and click the SEARCH button.
・You can search by compound name (single-byte alphabets). Please note that this is not the IUPAC name.
・You can search by CAS number. Please check "CAS".
・You can search by 5-digit catalog number (SCHEM00000). Please check "Cat.No."
・You can also search by molecular formula. Please check in "MF".
Shinsei Chemical Co., Ltd. has a lot of experience in synthesis of polyethylene glycol derivatives,cyclodextrin derivatives,
unnatural amino acids,stable isotope compounds.

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